For over 20 years, Profiling Solutions has been a leading Business Partner of InforCRM, previously known as Saleslogix.


Recognizing the need to bridge Mobile Service with Customer Relationship Management, AgileField provides a scalable SaaS solution for managing Field Service Technicians and Support.

Codeless Platform - Manufacturers Reps

Employing the technology of Codeless Platform's Rapid Application Development Environment for SaaS solutions, Profiling Solutions is authoring a targeted solution for Manufacturers Representatives.


InforCRM Solution

InforCRM offers a complete sales, marketing and customer service solution as a stand alone suite or as part of the INFOR stack.

A fully customizable Web and Mobile Suite, InforCRM can be licensed for on premise, custom Cloud or SaaS deployment.   The tool kit supports unlimited custom entities and fields, object and form level business rules, and support a single database supporting multiple departments, views of data.

Offering vendor supported integrations to the Infor suite of ERP products, built in Market Automation, data exchange via ION and web services, Birst for Data Analytics and Chat/Workflow management via Ming.le, InforCRM is an enterprise level solution at a mid market price.


AgileField Field Service Automation

Scheduling & Dispatch,   Job & Work Order Tracking, Inventory & Resource Allocation... if these capabilities sound familiar, you have found a great solution for automating Field Service Management.

Standard Sales Automation tools do not understand the challenges of a distributed field service workforce.

Technicians need a mobile application that is process specific.  Track time and location, complete designated tasks, document project expenses, and capture approvals and images of work done from a phone, tablet or laptop.

Operations requires the ability to dynamically schedule and allocate resources, track open work items and manage resources.

Management wants to convert work items into invoices, maintain and replenish inventories, and streamline processes.

AgileField offers a configurable, scalable SaaS solution with integration capability to receive external work orders, Accounting Integration and dashboarding.


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